In IOS, We will connect you to our affiliate partners to obtain the leasing financing with our analysis consultation report.

“Profits are earned through Use – Not Ownership of Equipment”

What is Leasing?

Leasing is defined as a written contract entered into between a leasing company (called “the Lessor”) on the one part and the User of the equipment (called “the Lessee”) on the other part whereby the Lessee agrees to pay the Lessor a specified sum of rentals over an obligatory period of time in consideration for the use of capital equipment owned by the Lessor without the Lessee having to purchase or own the equipment.

Why Lease?

  •  As an additional source of equipment financing, leasing allows conversation of working capital that can then be channeled to other productive business uses.
  •  Lease rentals are tax deductible.
  •  Fixed rental payments assist in budgeting and ease cash flow.
  •  Unlike an overdraft or revolving credit facility, a lease in non-cancelable once it has been executed.
  •  Hedges against inflation as rental payments are fixed and made out of future earnings.
  •  Simplified documentation.
  •  Lease period can be tailored to match the practical useful life of the equipment.
  •  Up to 100% financing for qualified applicant.


What equipment can be leased?

  •  Computers and IT-related
  •  Office Equipment
  •  Industrial and Manufacturing Equipment
  •  Commercial and Private Vehicles
  •  Construction and Heavy Equipment
  •  Medical Equipment
  •  Material Handling Equipment
  •  Others – garage equipment, photography equipment etc.


Qualified Applicant?

  •  Business services
  •  Trading
  •  Manufacturing
  •  Transport
  •  Printing and packaging
  •  Agricultural
  •  Professional services
  •  Information technology


Factoring is essentially the sales of receivables. It provides cash flow solution for further business opportunities as it unlocks your receivables and turns it to cash the fastest way. The benefits of Factoring are :-

  • Instant cash flow. Immediate funds at your disposal.
  • Increase working capital to generate more business.
  • Purchase new stock, meet new orders.
  • Increase your marketing and promotional activities.
  • Explore new business opportunities.
  • Negotiate for better discounts for cash purchases.
  • No over-reliance on overdraft facility.
  • No collateral required.
  • Professional personnel to assist you in collection to minimize your sales ledger administration cost.


  • Latest 3 months pay slip
  • Latest 2 months of utilities bill
  • Latest update bank savings account passbook (for the past 3months)
  • Or latest 3 months current / savings account bank statement for
  • verification purpose
  • Copy of NRIC
  • Mobile phone bill one month transaction

* Note: IOS reserves the right to request additional documents if necessary