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Personal Financing Facility .............

Credit facility to meet personal needs & payable via monthly auto debit facilities with your bank.

Fast Approval . Low Interest .

Hire Purchase Facility for Motorcycle

 *Blacklisted? Don’t worry!

  We accept your application.

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For Government Servant Loan

Interest as low as 0.75%

Easy Payment Scheme

* Untuk Kakitangan Kerajaan Sahaja 

Leasing & Factoring Services

At iOS, we offers specialised financing packages to corporations, professionals and local authorities.


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Easy Payment Solution





 6  10  12  18  24
 1,000  181.67  115.00  98.33  70.56  56.67
 2,000  363.33 230.00  196.67  141.11  113.33 
3,000   545.00 345.00  295.00  211.67  170.00 
4,000   726.67 460.00  393.33  282.22  226.67 
5,000   908.33 575.00  491.67  352.78  283.33 
6,000   1090.00 690.00  590.00  423.33  340.00 
7,000   1271.67 805.00  688.33  493.89  396.67 
8,000   1453.33 920.00  786.67  564.44  453.33 
9,000   1635.00 1035.00  885.00  635.00  510.00 
10,000   1816.67 1150.00  983.33  705.56  566.67 



JOMPAY Payment Method Now Available 


Just log on to your bank’s internet or mobile banking site, then click bill payment for JomPAY and pay.


6308 jompay


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 Auto Debit FPX


The only payment mode that we trust is Auto Debit; it is an efficient way that benefits both us and you! 



List of bank participate:








iOS is a registered proprietor trademark used by Rakan Jaya Enterprise, a licensed moneylender with the license no. WL5771/14/01-4/131114. Since 2005, iOS has been famous for providing varies diversified financial facility and services to many.



To be the leading company in the financial services field through constantly anticipating marketing needs and providing quality services that create real and lasting value for customer.



Our Business Conduct Principles are a basis of our operations in accordance with the spirit of pride, trust and respect:

  1.  Satisfying client needs by offering products and services that create real and lasting value.
  2.  Abiding by the letter and spirit of laws, regulations and social rules.
  3.  Respecting each employee as an individual and providing him / her with opportunities and environments that encourage professional development.
  4.  Respecting the culture of each region in which we operate and making genuine, meaningful contributions to their economies and societies.





We are committed to attain the highest standards of professional excellence in all our dealings. We respect and are conscious of timeless in all aspects of our work.


We continuously seek improvements in everything we do. We will be flexible and adapt to change.  

Prudence and priority of credit quality will dictate our lending decisions. Company’s policies guidelines are strictly adhered to in making the right decisions.


We will trust each other and work together as a team in achieving our business objectives by sharing knowledge, ideas and experience.  

We will respect and care for our staffs, customers and the community. We recognize then fundamental value of mutual respect, treating people with dignity and the distinctive contribution of each individual.


We will maintain the highest standards of integrity as individuals and as an organization. We will apply and encourage in others, honesty and reliability in all dealings and relationships.  

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Blacklist Consultant

Our Personal Loan Blacklist Consultant aim to provide best financial advices for those who are blacklisted under varies credit reference agencies (ie : CCRIS/CTOS). Our personal loan consultants will provide the best financial solution analysis with attractive repayment scheme.

Contact Us Now ! Hunbungi kita untuk menyelesaikan Pinjaman Peribadi yang menlibatkan Blacklist .

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 Payment Enquiry

 1700 81 7711

Email :


Complaint Care

 1700 81 7711

Document Required

- Copy of NRIC 
- Latest 3 months pay slip
- Latest 2 months of utilities bill
- Latest 3 months bank statement
- 1 Month Mobile phone bill



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