We will evaluate your home collateral and if the value is up to the requirement, cash will be immediately provided together with collateral receipt.

Other than above, Shop Lots located at a strategic location or Condominium, Flats, Apartment House that has grant are also applicable for collateral purpose.

You will need to bring the document and provide to us for verification purpose. Redemption of your collateral items can be done after the remaining debt has been settled. You can only redeem the collateral items after you completed the remaining debt payment.

Property types

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Land


Property sub-type-

  1. Flat
  2. Apartment
  3. Condominium
  4. Serviced residence
  5. Townhouse
  6. Terrace
  7. Super-link
  8. Semi-D
  9. Bungalow


Property sub-type-

  1. Shop
  2. Office
  3. Retail space
  4. Factory / Warehouse
  5. Hotel / Resort


Property sub-type-

  1. Residential Land
  2. Commercial land
  3. Industrial land
  4. Agricultural land